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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) explained- Goals, meanings and definitions

Inogen Alliance Short Documentary: The Road to a More Sustainable Future, Featured in Global Thought Leaders Campaign

Back to the EHS Future

Imagine you had a time machine… the only catch is you could only use it to going back in time in order to experience what your profession was like in the past.

Why do many companies fail in their EHS digitization effort?

Digitalization is good for optimizing the speed of processes, the availability of crucial data, and the flow of information, thus fulfilling a rather supportive function – Nevertheless, it is a significant factor in making EHS processes work effectively and efficiently.

Environmental protection — information over feelings

We make environmental protection related decisions based on limited information (or even worse based on feelings/emotions)

Our future from a risk tolerance point of view

How many ways do we try to understand our future and the risks or opportunities connected to it? When analyzing risks and its effect we often assume we did everything to reduce the risks based on our current knowledge. But do we know for a fact that the risks are reduced? Are we able to act on this information?